WMF 1100s


Perfect for smaller locations with a big desire for great coffee, the WMF 1100 S delivers professional quality with a minimal footprint. It offers premium features usually found only in larger models, as well as a variety of customization options.

The WMF 1100 S is the ideal introduction to professional coffee making for offices, hotels, bistros, and other venues. It provides the high quality and long-term reliability you expect from WMF in an especially compact design. Fully automated and easy to use for staff or guests, it represents a premium solution for delicious espresso and coffee specialties with milk, which can be personalized to match your interior design or corporate branding requirements. Easy to clean and maintain, it offers the additional benefit of digital connectivity through the WMF CoffeeConnect platform.

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    Constructed with a high-quality polymer to guarantee an extra-long service life and maximum reliability, the professional brewer of the WMF 1100 S is lightweight, removable, and has a 15 g capacity.


    The WMF 1100 S is equipped with up to two specially decoupled coffee grinders, allowing you to offer two types of coffee beans while ensuring low-noise operation. This is a critical advantage when using the fully automated coffee machine in offices or conference rooms.


    Designed for venues with an average daily requirement of 80 cups, the WMF 1100 S is the ideal entry-level model for providing professional coffee varieties.


    This energy-saving mode reduces the steam boiler temperature if no beverage is dispensed for 10 minutes, and therefore also reduces energy usage. When next needed, it only takes 15 seconds to heat up again.


    To offer you a high level of customization, either or both bean hoppers can be replaced with an expanded 1100 g bean hopper, a 2200 g powder hopper, or a 1250 g twin topping hopper, allowing you to offer a combination of chocolate powder and another topping, such as milk powder. This is an option you’ll find on hardly any other machine in this class.


    Thanks to the fully automated Basic Milk system, the consistency, temperature, and taste of milk and milk foam are always spot on. And should handmade milk foam be on the menu, it can be created whenever desired using the optional Basic Steam wand. Moreover, the user-friendly Click+Clean function makes the milk system easy to clean, reducing the need for manual cleaning of the milk foamer to once a week.


    For even greater variety in your beverage offering, the handy manual insert provides the option of using a different kind of ground coffee for a particular beverage, e.g., decaffeinated espresso.


    The WMF 1100 S comes with a choice of one or two integrated hoppers for coffee beans and/or variations like chocolate powder or other toppings. The standard capacity is 550 g for beans, and 700 g for powder. The integrated hoppers allow you to use the WMF 1100 S in spaces where other machines are too tall, and they are designed for easy refilling, even if the machine is positioned under a kitchen wall unit.


    A separate spout for dispensing hot water at a standard temperature of around 95°C makes it easy to prepare tea and other infusions at a touch, allowing you to add further options to your beverage menu.


    Despite its compact dimensions, the WMF 1100 S contains a large, 4.5-liter internal water tank with an integrated water filter. You can also choose to install a constant water supply, including a drainage connection, as an option.


    Integrated into the grounds box is a cup table that can adjust to cups of different sizes up to 100 mm in height, ensuring espresso is always served with no splashes and the perfect crema. The separate drip tray makes for easy handling and less cleaning.


    Featuring advanced WMF technology, the SteamJet warms every cup in a few seconds using the natural power of steam. So, every beverage is not only served at the ideal temperature but also remains hot for longer, for true coffee perfection.


    You can use the Basic Steam system to quickly and easily warm milk and beverages like hot chocolate or mulled wine, and to create milk foam by hand whenever desired using the optional Basic Steam wand.


    With its vertical swipe function, the intuitive design of the 7” color touch display is easy to navigate, and you can customize the color scheme and button layout to your specific requirements, making it suitable for both served and self-service environments.


    The user-friendly Click+Clean function is automatically started when the machine is switched off, reducing the need for full system cleaning to once every 7 days, or after 250 brewing cycles. Easy-to-follow, animated step-by-step instructions on the user-friendly dis-play guide the user through the cleaning process, for maximum convenience.


    Thanks to its compact dimensions, the WMF 1100 S is ideal for locations with limited space available. Design features like the internal bean hoppers allow it to be placed where other professional coffee machines will not fit, for example below kitchen wall units.


    On-screen images and animations pro- vide clear, user-friendly indications of operating conditions and cleaning instructions, ensuring easy handling.


    The drip tray is equipped with overflow protection: presence and fill level sensors block the machine when the limit is reached and when the drip tray is removed, eliminating the risk of spillages.


    The cup and coffee dispenser is illuminated by a convenient light, which also flashes to alert staff when any maintenance operations, such as refilling beans, are required.


    Disposing of used coffee grounds could not be simpler. As an alternative to the internal waste container, grounds can also be disposed of under the counter, via an outlet at the base of the machine.


    The WMF 1100 S is equipped with Plug+Play functionality, so the process of setting up your new machine is fast and straightforward.


    The color scheme, background im- ages, and button layouts of the menus on the 7” touch display can also be individually customized to complement your venue or branding.


    You can take advantage of the colorful 7” touch display to show advertising images to your customers or guests while their beverage is being prepared, encouraging additional sales.


    All WMF professional coffee machines support HACCP-compliant operation with ease. For example, cleaning re- cords are available to download, complete data backups can be performed, and software updates are available via USB stick.