The family behind Nuwa Coffee has ancestral roots in farming and land rearing in higher altitudes. Having

been through the hardship of life in the mountains, Nuwa Coffee was established with three values:

economic, environmental, and education.

Our mission to improve the lives and livelihoods of the community is being given continuity by providing

employment opportunities, capacity-building training, and establishing the area as a stronghold for coffee

production for the entire community to benefit. To date, Nuwa Estate has proudly supported 432

households directly and 1028 households indirectly with their coffee/entrepreneurial endeavors.

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By conducting plantations in barren sloped lands, and afforesting the area over the years, we have seen

significant changes in the biodiversity and landscape of this area as well. This has been able to benefit

local farmers by recharging groundwater and tackling water scarcity during the dry seasons.

Access to education is always a big challenge in the hilly and mountainous areas of Nepal. The drop out

rates increases every year with only a fraction of the enrolled students graduating SLC every year. It was

because of this reason that Nepal Green Tara Foundation (NGTF) was born. Since its formation, NGTF

has been able to set up eight schools, provide school materials to children, and support to teachers. Every

child deserves access to equal education, and NGTF is playing a small part in making that possible.

If you want your coffee sourced from an ethical and sustainable organization, choose Nuwa.

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