Nuwa Estate Coffee

Grown in the Himalayas


Nuwa Estate

At Nuwa Estate all of our coffee plants are bred and nurtured to the best of its ability. The high elevation in Nuwakot region contributes to the intense aromatic characteristics of the coffee and the minerals enriched soil provides the support and nourishment required by coffee plants.

These factors along with hard work and determination contribute towards the production of a premier quality coffee. If you are looking for a coffee that will really surprise your palate, then coffee from Nuwa Estate is what you’re looking for.

Close-Up Of Man Hand Inspects Fresh Coffee Fruits on Twig
Coffee in white mug with fresh coffee beans in hand.

Our coffee beans are unrivaled in their intense flavor and aroma, all of which can be credited to its prestigious location, agricultural planning, specialized labour and the diverse florae and fauna growing around the coffee plants.

At Nuwa Estate we have embedded more than 70,000 coffee plants, all of which were nurtured in our very own nursery. This way we are certain that what we reap is what we sow.

Breaking Boundaries

Working directly with farmers around Nuwakot region to source the most delicious and sustainable coffees