WMF 1500s

This product is no longer available.



·      Made in Germany from a hardwearing, high-tech polymer to guarantee you performance and reliability over many years of service, the professional brewer has a 15 g capacity and is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

·      To offer your customers a wide choice of premium coffee specialities, up to two different grinders can be used to create a range of recipes. Robust, quick and quiet, these long-lasting, high-performance grinders are electronically controlled and finely adjusted.

·      Recommended for venues with an average requirement of 180 cups per day, the WMF 1500 S+ can rapidly satisfy your customers, producing a wide variety of premium coffee specialities at the touch of a button.

·      You can take advantage of the Eco Mode settings to reduce energy consumption during periods of light use.

·      For maximum variety, the up to three hoppers of the WMF 1500 S+ offer you a choice of up to 2 types of coffee beans, chocolate powder or twin top- pings. Machines also provide the option of using the manual insert for ground coffee, for example for preparing de-caffeinated coffee. The bean hoppers on the left and right can hold up to 1100 g of beans, and the central one has a 700 g capacity, while the powder hopper can hold up to 2000 g of powder. To optimize their visual impact, the hoppers share a coordinated design and each comes with a lockable lid. What’s more, they are removable and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

·      The interactive 10” colour touch display of the WMF 1500 S+ lets you save up to 40 different drinks in the basic view. Both single-cup and double-cup dispensing is possible, and numerous beverage parameters can be pre-programmed or set by the user for maximum flexibility.

·      With the choice of either using an internal water tank or connecting the WMF 1500 S+ to a fixed water connection gives you added flexibility over the machine’s positioning, enabling you to adapt to any environment.

·      Designed to offer delicious chocolate specialities with minimum effort, the Choc Mixer promises easy handling and maintenance, thanks to a magnetic lock that guarantees correct insertion of the mixer bowl. Moreover, it is protected against damage by an integrated sensor that monitors the mixer wheel to ensure a perfect fit.

·      With WMF’s innovative Fresh Filtered Coffee option, you can serve both filtered coffee and a wide range of coffee specialities from a single machine, offering maximum variety with a minimal footprint. Each cup of delicious filtered coffee is freshly brewed to a constant temperature, volume and flavour, for consistent high quality over time. And with every cup brewed to order, there’s no waste!

·      Providing even greater variety, the optional WMF Syrup Station adds an exceptional taste experience to any menu. It lets you create exciting additional flavours using up to four different kinds of syrup in three different dosing quantities. The specialities you create can easily be stored as standard drinks on the display, and identified by a choice of over 20 different icons.

·      The WMF 1500 S+ comes with a choice of three WMF milk systems. Basic Milk prepares classic coffees with hot milk and hot milk foam, such as cappuccino, latte macchiato and latte. Easy Milk enables you to tap into the market for cold milk mixed beverages too, automatically dispensing cold milk as well as hot milk or hot milk foam. The Dynamic Milk system offers an even wider range of possibilities, allowing the fully automatic preparation of four different consistencies of hot milk foam and three variations of cold milk foam, as well as hot and cold milk

·      Each of WMF’s automated, HACCP- compliant cleaning systems are engineered to optimize efficiency and ease of use, simplifying the maintenance process and reducing costs. With Clean in Place, the machine automatically cleans and rinses itself with hot water and steam after dispensing water into a box containing a cleaning tablet.

·      To save time and effort, the display includes an option to pre-select multiple beverages in a single order. These beverages are then automatically produced one after the other.

·      The language used on the display of the WMF 1500 S+ can be customized to make it easy for anyone to operate. Customers and staff can even select their own language during operation.

·      The WMF 1500 S+ can be set to turn itself on and off, or activate and deactivate certain functions and beverages, whenever you want.

·      The WMF 1500 S+ immediately invites interaction with its attractive 10” colour touch display, featuring realistic product depictions and individual colour worlds. Navigation is intuitive, using familiar touch and swipe menus, with both served and self-service modes available. Perfect for presenting nutritional information, the display can also be used to show videos, for example, to promote special offers at certain times of the day.

·      And many more..