WMF 1200s

This product is no longer available.



·      With the patented Plug+Clean milk cleaning system, all milk-carrying parts are cleaned easily and in compliance with HACCP. – Confirmed by the Technical University of Munich.

·      Flexible water pipe, depending on requirements and situation, a WMF 1200 S can 

be fitted with a water tank or fixed connection.

· A variable number of drink buttons. A maximum of 6 buttons can be programmed for coffee specialties. Second-level drinks are triggered with a double-click.

·      Delicious Milk Choc and Chociatto. With plenty of fresh milk, nearly any creation can be made from milk, coffee, and chocolate.

·      Hot water at the perfect temperature, produced by the WMF 1200 S, for example for tea, at the press of a button, of course.

·      Height-adjustable spout. The spout is easily adjustable to enable cups from 59 to 169 mm tall to be filled.

·      Fully automatic cleaning. At the press of a button. Saving time and reducing operating costs.

·      Manual insert, It is possible to use other types of coffee, e.g. ground decaffeinated coffee, by using the manual insert.

·      Well-thought-out hopper. The hoppers can be locked before removal (optional), to make cleaning and refilling very much easier.

·      Large ground coffee container. The easy-to-reach, centrally positioned ground coffee container has a large capacity.

·      The simple labeling concept allows individual designs and the easy replacement of button labels with drink names, prices, or images.

·      Reaching new heights. If you want to have even more space under the WMF 1200 S, the 10 cm high „feet “– which are sold separately – easily provide even more „leg room “. And this also means that the area below the machine can be cleaned effortlessly.

·      Maintenance can be so easy. Basic maintenance work can be carried out yourself making it rare for the WMF Service Engineer to see your machine.

·      Two integrated LEDs underneath the front panel light up the spout and presents your drinks in the proper light.

·      The accessories such as cupboard, milk cooler, coin checker, or cup dispenser make the WMF 1200 S a team player – even for self-service.

·      All the important functions and parameters can be set using the two-line display and five function keys.

·      Less electricity consumption. With three Eco modes and settings for an automatic switch-off, the customer can adjust their electricity consumption to their individual habits.

·      Zero-Energy Function. When the WMF 1200 S is switched off, it is “off”. This means it does not consume any more electricity.

·      Coffee, just as your customer likes it by pressing the + or - button for a short or long time, a drink can be selected individually strong or mild, large or small.

·      Permanent descaling, A filter cartridge in the water tank or a WMF water filter on a mains connection lengthens the maintenance intervals, improves the taste, and extends the life.

·      Slim build, A WMF 1200 S is only a little bit wider than the long side of an A4 page. So, there’s room for two even on the smallest counter.

·      Environmentally friendly thanks to »Green WMF« Reduced energy consumption, fewer chemicals, and nearly complete recycling are just a few points of the sustainable WMF concept.

·      ISO certifications, The WMF business division for coffee machines is certified

in accordance with DIN 9001/ quality management and DIN 14001 / environmental management.