The journey of Nuwa Estate’s Coffee

About our Coffee

We at Nuwa Estate strictly grow 100% Arabica only. After 4 years of patience and determination both our coffee production and our processing techniques, has finally been certified Organic by International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and Biocert International Pvt. Ltd.

We work directly with farmers around Nuwakot region to source the most delicious and sustainable coffees we can find. We then roast them to our exciting flavor standards, and serve them to you at peak deliciousness. Our single origin coffee is handpicked processed and roasted in small batches for greater complexity and maximum flavour.

100% Arabica, Coffee that’s grown with patience and determination

Our coffee beans are unrivaled in their intense flavor and aroma, all of which can be credited to its prestigious location, agricultural planning, specialized labour and the diverse florae and fauna growing around the coffee plants. At Nuwa Estate we have embedded more than 70,000 coffee plants, all of which were nurtured in our very own nursery. This way we are certain that what we reap is what we sow.

The shaping of our roast has taken up a lot of our time and expertise to come to. Our roast types have been specially crafted for coffee connoisseurs. It boasts of sublime citric and floral notes with balanced acidity and body while its creamy finish with a sweet aftertaste leaves the palate wanting more. Thanks to a harmonious taste profile of our Arabica beans. Our beans are favoured by international green coffee importers and artisanal roasteries the world over. Due to relentless demand from our customers and visitors to provide them with complete coffee solutions such as café related machineries, services, training and various other aspects concerning café setups. We have been working closely with “Nuwa Solutions”. They have always been able to fulfill all our customer requirements and requests.