Our aspiration is to improve the livelihood of both women and men farmers in the mid-hills of Nepal by providing income and employment opportunities, through strengthening the ability of the coffee industry and increasing the area under coffee production. Nuwa Estate has directly benefitted at least 432 households involved in coffee production in Nuwakot region and an additional 1028 coffee-producing household indirectly through dissemination of knowledge and technology.

      We have also had a positive environmental impact in the region by improving soil conservation, pest management, maintaining the biodiversity and imbedding in the barren sloped lands. Our commitment towards preserving nature and protecting the environment has led to numerous steps in ensuring sustainable practices at Nuwa Estate. From the production techniques to the packaging process and materials we have made an effort -worthy of recognition- in order to reduce our carbon footprint and recyclability. One of the key visible move that was initiated by Nuwa Estate was that, on acknowledging and identifying the profuse absence of an appropriate structured educational system in the region, it obligated us to conceive an NGO (Non-Government Organization) to support the community. The NGO was established in January 2010 and named as, Nepal Green Tara Foundation (NGTF). Since its formation NGTF have taken some initiatives to enhance the livelihood and help secure the future of the many households and individuals in Nuwakot Region.

       They have helped in the infrastructural development and ground up construction of two schools. The first one being “Sundaradevi Lower Secondary School” which starts form grade 1 up until grade 8. The school was originally constructed in 1960 and since then, was not improved in any physical or informative form. NGTF with the financial backing of its donors - Brookfield Multiplex Sydney and London - were successful in inaugurating the school in 2011. The construction of which had begun in 2010.

       The second school was in the same condition as that of the one in Sundaradevi. For this school it was the sole financial support of Stan Papayianneris and his family that rendered the erection of this school a success. “George Papayianneris – Nava Parbhat Primary School” had begun construction in 2012 and was completed in 2013. It houses children from kindergarten up to grade 3.

       Along with construction and development NGTF also help with the running of the schools that they help improve. In Sundaradevi Lower Secondary School NGTF employ and pay for five private teachers that help out the administrative and teaching staff in the school. Not only do NGTF construct they even help sponsor children willing to learn, who are not able to due to their family situation. NGTF also contribute a fixed emolument to four monks who divulge and share their teachings and knowledge with other young monks at the Tashi Sangag Chholing Monastery located in Pangom, Nepal.

       We have worked diligently to sustain the long-term livelihood of small farmers and grower co-ops for more than 7 years. By working with our farmers we hope to further ascertain and support community programs that make a substantive difference in the lives of real people. For they are the reason our coffee is distinctively singular than the rest. It is this personal touch that makes our coffee so distinctive. With each sip you and we are changing lives.