This is an unexpected tale with a beautiful outcome. Mrs. Bandi Nima Sherpa Tenzing first visited Nuwakot in early 2007, when her husband Mr. Tashi Wangchuk Tenzing was climbing Everest from the North side. Mr. Ramesh Mahat, who is now the General Secretary of Nepal Green Tara Foundation, had previously asked her to join him for a tour of Nuwakot. The idea had been to walk up to Sikhar Besi for a viewing of a possible Coffee plantation site and to see if Coffee plantation was indeed a feasible notion. There were no roads for vehicles to travel on, the infrastructure was very backward and barely visible and there were only dirt tracks to walk on. At a quick glance no one could have imagined that a wholly integrated and functional coffee production estate could be founded in such a derelict location. Nonetheless it is now a reality.

            During Mrs. Bandi Nima Sherpa Tenzing’s first visit all the local residents of the village were very cheerful and glad of their presence. The residents had even decided to walk all the way from Saat Besi to Shikhar Besi along with the inquisitive group, who had come from Kathmandu to see the potential opportunities lying around Nuwakot. This was a 4-hour walk, during which all the people were busy trying to convince Mrs. Bandi Nima Sherpa Tenzing that starting up a coffee plantation in their area would be a very lucrative and brilliant idea, stressing on the close proximity between Kathmandu (Nepal’s capital) and Nuwakot. She was justly impressed by what the area had to offer.

       Eventually when her Husband did return from his triumphant and successful Everest summit, which marked his 3rd summit of Everest. With all the celebrations and much awaited reunion, for a brief period she had forgotten all about this venture and its prospects. Until Mr. Ramesh Mahat reminded her of their prior visit to Nuwakot, he then convinced her for another visit but this time she was adamant on taking her husband along. She wanted him to see what she had seen. After several visits to the site and the neighboring areas the couple had decided, that them taking the opportunity in developing this backward region would be a worthy, just and noble cause.

     Throug their visits they had also gotten to know that the area was infested with human trafficking due to its remote location and that most of its able bodied villagers were migrating to urban areas (specifically Kathmandu) working numerous odd jobs such as rickshaw driver, taxi driver, push cart handler and others for barely minimum wages. These issues motivated them further to lend a helping hand to this region.

       Since the establishment of Nuwa Estate in May 2007 both husband and wife have been working together for the last 7 years, tirelessly aspiring to bring out the best in both the coffee and the people responsible for the production and distribution of Nuwa Estate coffee.