Agriculture till date remains Nepal’s foremost economic activity, contributing to over 39% of GDP and employing above 66% of the economically active population. It is the means of livelihood, source of employment and income for majority of the population residing in Nepal. With the growing population pressure currently standing at 25 million on a land area of 147,181 km2, there has been a decrease in agricultural production, which when coupled with limited income generating opportunities has stemmed rural economies.

        Coffee has been surviving in Nepal since 1938 AD (1995/96 BS) at that point in time all the farmers viewed it as a decorative plant. Due to which it remained unnoticed up until the 1970’s. At present coffee has grown to gain widespread popularity and has also taken momentum as a potential income generating crop with an ever increasing area under cultivation. Coffee is now seen as a viable plant for commercial production in numerous parts of Nepal. Arabica coffee are meant to be grown on mountain terrains with high elevation, adequate rainfall and absence of frost. At Nuwa Estate one can perceive all of the above factors coming to life. These environmental characteristics contribute to yielding a denser and richer bean. As a direct result of the altitude there is less oxygen, which then slows the growth of the coffee plants. Slow growth give the beans a more concentrated and complex flavor.

        At Nuwa Estate we intend to focus on increasing the productivity per plant as well as increasing the planted area, with special emphasis in quality improvement for international as well as domestic market.

Looking to the future:

        Although currently, we predominantly focus on coffee production, we have simultaneously begun floating, conceptualizing, visualizing and partly generating concepts that are feasible and beneficial for all involved here at Nuwa Estate. Some of the concepts are cultivation of turmeric and ginger. Other ideas, which are moderately underway and are expected to have a progressive implication on improving the productivity and quality of coffee at Nuwa Estate, are Beekeeping and Vermin-Composting.