Just like wine, coffee comes in a wide array of flavor profiles such as sweet, bright, full-bodied, and can often resemble the
taste of fruits, honey or even chocolate. We at Nuwa Estate aim to develop and enhance coffee as a commodity,
with the prospective of refining its productivity and quality so as to deliver to the domestic market as
well as the international niche market, a product worthy of its customers. We hope to act as
a benchmark in developing a sustainable industry. It’s how we bring out the
genius in our extraordinary beans.

Why Nuwa Estate ?

        At Nuwa Estate all of our coffee plants are bred and nurtured to the best of its ability. The high elevation in Nuwakot region contributes to the intense aromatic characteristics of the coffee and the minerals enriched soil provides the support and nourishment required by coffee plants. These factors along with hard work and determination contribute towards the production of a premier quality coffee. If you are looking for a coffee that will really surprise your palate, then coffee from Nuwa Estate is what you're looking for.

        With time we have observed that working alongside nature, farmers, labourers and all those associated in the production of the very best coffee beans that we possibly can, has allowed coffeeholics all over to taste its exclusivity.

" Simply put, it is the coffee we love to drink and one we would love for you to enjoy. "